The Ultimate Neutral Blush Edit + Swatches

Welcome to the neutral blush edit.  This post has been in the making since..the start of this blog? Neutral blushes are one of my favorite categories of makeup, and I can’t ever seem to resist another neutral blush. 

Every time I try to create this post and compile all my blushes, I seem to forget to include one – but I *think* I finally got them all this time – and there are a total of 32 blushes featured in this post! 

The category of ‘neutral’ covers a wide range of shade – for me, a neutral blush is not really a specific color so much as it is a blush that will not interfere with any other color I’m wearing on my face, such as my eye shadow or lip color.

Neutral blush for me is usually some variation of beige or tan, and can have pink, rosy, or more orange tones – but the point of it is to make my face appear more sculpted or less bare than no blush. The point is not to look like a natural flush, but to give my face an extra something that can pair with any lip color or eye color. It should be something I can wear with any lipstick shade or eyeshadow. If I were a normal person, I might just own one neutral blush that I wouldn’t have to think about. But me being me, I have my own arsenal of neutral blushes ranging from an almost nude look to a more sculpted bronzer/contour/blush hybrid. 

My neutral blushes generally fall into these categories, though they aren’t hard categories:

  • Nude neutral – these are the barely there blushes. They add just a hint of something to my face, but it is hard to tell the actual color. These blushes usually have a matte or satin finish.
  • Bronze neutral – these are warmer neutral blush, and can be used a bronzer/blush or contour/blush in one, depending on how warm it is. They are a little deeper than the nude neutrals on me, and can be anywhere from matte to shimmery.
  • Pink neutral – these have just a hint of pink, but are not quite what I would categorize as pink blushes. These blushes give me somewhere between a flush and a sculpted look, and can also be anywhere from matte to shimmery.
  • Cream neutral – I put these in their own separate category because I often use the cream neutrals by themselves. They can be any of the above colors, but the finish is usually a little dewier, as cream blushes often are.

There are a few classic neutral blushes from the past few years – Nars Douceur, Tarte Exposed, MAC Harmony that have really paved the path for me as far as neutral blushes go. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, many of the go to nude neutral blushes have been discontinued. 

I tried to group some by the color families as described above, but because there is so much overlap between the categories, there’s no strict category for each of the groups. 

If you’d like to shop all the blushes in one place, you can click through to my Shoplist collection here (affiliate links), or click through individual affiliate links for each product below. If there is no link to a product, it means it is discontinued. 

(All individual links are affiliate links except for the Victoria Beckham Blush and Phytosurgence blush. All products with a * next to them were sent as press samples)

Group 1:

This group had my favorite and also discontinued blushes. I reach for Douceur constantly, and it is a unique brown/pink shade that looks barely there. I also reach for Tarte Exposed, which is a long time favorite and thankfully still available. 

Group 2

  • Surratt Artistique Blush in Chaleur – a bronze neutral that is a warm brown shade and a satin finish
  • Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey (discontinued) – a bronze neutral that is a warm tan with a shimmer finish

This group has the warmest blushes of all the ones in the post today. Of this group, MAC Gingerly and Hermes Rose Tan are similar to each other, though Gingerly is a little deeper and more matte. Cover FX Warm Honey is a little more neutral than Hermes Rose Tan, but I think both Gingerly and Warm Honey could be alternatives to Hermes Rose Tan if you’re not looking to spend that much money on a blush. Surratt Chaleur is the warmest and deepest of the group, and I use it almost like a bronzer for my skintone.

Group 3

  • MAC Trace Gold (discontinued) – nude neutral leaning towards bronze neutral that is a warm bronzey gold and a shimmer finish
  • MAC Sheertone Blush in Sunbasque – bronze neutral that is a peachy bronze shade and a shimmer finish
  • MAC Margin (discontinued) – pink neutral that is pinky bronze shade and a shimmer finish

This group has blushes that are more neutral toned than Group 2, and generally have more shimmers.I couldn’t find dupes among these blushes because the different shimmers really set them apart. This shows me how unique both Dior Charnelle and Buxom Seychelles are. The Dior sometimes pulls  more pink on me, and other times it pulls more bronze, while Seychelles really is a mix of neutral pink and bronze with a complex shimmer.

L-R: MAC Blush Please, MAC So Natural, Bare Minerals Blurred Buff, Victoria Beckham Playground, Phytosurgence Smolder, Kjaer Weis Desired Glow, Tower 28 Magic Hour, Fenty Beauty Rose Latte

Group 4- Cream blush

I had to redo these swatches because I recently was sent the Tower 28 Balm in Magic Hour and it fits perfectly in this post. I found that it was similar to MAC Blush Please, but with a much dewier finish. If you like the shade but find the Tower 28 balms too heavy and dewy, definitely trh the MAC Glow Play blush in Blush Please. MAC So Natural and Bare Minerals Blurred Buff are also similar to each other, though Blurred Buff is a little deeper and more bronze.

What are your favorite neutral blushes? Do you see any here that you want to try? Chat with me below! 

*items with an asterisk were sent as press samples.

15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Neutral Blush Edit + Swatches

  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Nars Douceur is/was my all time favorite blush and it’s SO hard to fine a dupe! Will never understand why they discontinued it. It is also so hard to find swatches like this anymore so thank you so much for putting in the time!

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  2. Group 3 happens to be my favorite category. I have many of those. Just purchased buxom Seychelles and it quickly became my most used blush. I’ve been on a waitlist for charnelle for a year lol. And love all those Mac ones. Most versatile colors for contour/bronzer and blush that also have highlight. Love multi tasking beauty. Also doesn’t hurt that when I’m very pale they just add so much warmth in without much effort. Glad to see I’m not the only blush fanatic 😅

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  3. Thank you so much for such a fantastic post! Like what everybody has said so far, I’m most interested in Group 3 because those blushes are the kind that I like and am most drawn to. I’ve been hearing so much about Dior Charnelle so I might take the plunge and consider ordering it. 🙂

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  4. This is epic!! Wish Nars Madly was in there for reference as it’s my fave discontinued neutral! I am interested in trying Seychelles but have yet to see it on a cheek. Not sure if you have tried this but if you have would consider She’s so La an everyday neutral nude shade? Thanks for the hard work and good content :).

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  5. This is truly an epic post. Thank you for taking the time to write it!!

    I only recently started to appreciate the versatility of a good neutral blush. Usually I gravitate towards oranges and corals, but a neutral takes the guesswork out of trying to find a shade that goes well with my lipstick (I often choose wrong 😝)

    My favorite neutral blush is probably Korres Zea Mays in Natural (loooooong discontinued). It was truly a sleeper hit for me; I used it on and off for years and then realized I was getting close to hitting pan. So I decided to focus on hitting pan, and only then is when I started to appreciate it!

    I also really like Too Faced Baby Love. I’m still lusting after Cover FX Warm Honey, but since they’ve left the UK I think my window to buy it easily has closed. Oh well.


  6. Bare Minerals Blurred Buff is (I believe) going to be discontinued as well 😩. Just when I found this post!! But there are plenty of other options for me to *quickly* jump on as I am now aware thanks to you! So not too late..🤞😅 I’ll definitely be checking out all of your others as I found this very helpful.
    But Why do they keep discontinuing all these beloved neutral-nudey shades anyway??


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