Project Use My Palettes – November

Well it’s nearly the end of November, and I’m still doing my palette challenge for a grand total of 2 months. I’ve done a terrible job of updating you all on how that’s going and how I’m concentrating on using a few palettes a month.

I’m surprised that it’s actually going quite splendidly. It’s helping me get ready quicker because I just grab one of the four palettes, but my looks are more varied than before, because each palette is so different.



This month, I chose to focus on:



Colourpop Dream St. Palette – I bought this during a Colourpop sale in October, and was really eager to start using it.



Nars x Erdem Fleur Fatale Palette – I was in love with this when I bought it in the spring, but felt like it was more of a fall palette. I always love how unique Nars’ shade combinations are, and this is no exception.



PYT No BS Eyeshadow Palette I’m loving PYT Beauty and really wanted to test out how portable and travel friendly this was. I just reviewed this earlier in the month here.



Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette – I also bought this in October, and wanted to see the different kinds of looks I could create with it.

Because I buy so many limited edition products (they’re my weakness!) some of the palettes may no longer be available.

I did better this month and tried to take my pictures of how I did my makeup each day. There aren’t a ton, but hey, better than last month’s post, right?


Urban Decay Naked Cherry Look. I used Juicy and Feelz to blend, Bing on the outer corner, Devilish on the outer corner and lightly in the inner lid, and Bang Bang on the inner corner. On the lower lashline, I used a mix of Young Love and Drunk Dial. I also used the lipstick in shade Juicy from the Naked Cherry collection.


For this I used a mix of Colourpop Dream St Palette and the PYT Beauty Palette. I used Colourpop Stardust on the lid, and PYT 2:02am on the outer corner to blend. I’m not 100% certain what was on my lips, but I think it was Charlotte Tilbury Rose Kiss with Burberry lipgloss on top.


I used the Nars Erdem palette, with the burgundy shade (Holly Hock) in the outer corner, and Later, the tan shimmery shade from the PYT Beauty Palette. On my cheeks is the Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer in Solaris. I also have bare lips for this because it was Thanksgiving!


This final look was created with the Colourpop Dream St Palette. I used Shooting Star and Potion to blend, and a little bit of Twinkle on the lid. I’m also wearing Surratt Lie de Vin eyeshadow in the outer corner, Hourglass Mood Exposure Blush, and Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle.

Some final thoughts:

So I ended up really liking this challenge again. I liked being able to really test each palette out and try to create a bunch of different looks.

The Colourpop Dream St Palette is a really fun palette. It has beautiful warm neutrals, and I love the shimmery shades. The teal shades can add some really beautiful color, but I didn’t use those shades too much. The highlights for me are the two coppery shades on the top right.

The Nars x Erdem Fleur Fatale Palette is more of a fall palette. It has neutral and cool toned taupes that I always love the look of, but are harder for me to wear sometimes. I was still able to use this palette in a bunch of different ways though, and the quality of all the shades is exceptional.

I’ve talked about how much I love the PYT Beauty NO BS Eyeshadow Palette already. It has all the shades I need to create a basic look, as well as shades to deepen my looks for a more dramatic look.

The standout of the month was really the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette. I was not expecting to love this palette as much as I do, but the shades are the perfect tones for my skin to create a beautiful red toned look. Urban Decay palettes are so of my favorites as they are consistent in quality, and the formula works really well on my eyes.

What palettes have you been rotating through recently?


As always, thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Project Use My Palettes – November

  1. What a cool project! I only have a couple mini-eyeshadow palettes because I am very intimidated by eyeshadow and rarely do it, so I findthe different looks you can do with different colors, finishes, and textures is really interesting.

    I went back and looked up your PYT review because of this post, and I’m really interested in their products! Maybe if they release a warmer tone eyeshadow palette..

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  2. I’m a sucker for eye shadows, and I have a bad habit of buying then not using them often enough. I don’t particularly pick out any palettes to use, so I just go by what I feel like wearing that day. On most lazy days, I just skip eye shadows entirely! So, I’ve been trying to curb my eye shadow purchases. It’s so hard!


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