Welcome to Beauty Unhyped, a blog to examine the hype and marketing surrounding beauty products, resist the constant desire for more, more, more, and talk about products that may be underrated, or simply “old” by the industry’s standards.*

I’m Stephanie, a makeup and skincare enthusiast for the past 10+ years. I have observed (and occasionally followed) nearly every trend and product release by following blogs, youtube channels, instagram accounts, and obsessively browsing beauty sites. I have fallen victim to hype and clever marketing convincing me that I need a new product for various reasons, and have blindly bought something just for its packaging.

But over the years, I have also developed my own style, tastes, and instincts for what I know I like. I know the trends that I like and the ones that I don’t. And paired with a lifelong annoyingly stubborn mentality to not do what everyone else is doing, to not try what everyone else is trying, I’ve seen my fair share of trends that I have no desire to be a part of.

I started this blog to write my own observations of today’s trends, and the marketing, products, and hype that follow. I talk about my preferences, the products I like that may not fall into those trends, or that are already considered old by blogging standards. (How often do you see beauty bloggers talking about products more than a year old?)

This is not an anti-haul blog. I certainly do my fair share of supporting the economy of the beauty industry, and I do follow the trends that I like. But I hope to examine products with a more critical eye. And I hope to inspire you with products that you may already have, or that you owned at one point.

You won’t find much millennial pink here, because I hate pink. Sorry. You won’t find rose gold or gold accessories here, because I much prefer silver.

With that said, welcome to Beauty Unhyped. I hope you enjoy.

*disclaimer: I am by no means a marketing expert, scientist, dermatologist, or chemist. I can’t explain the science behind a product, the chemistry of ingredients, or dissect marketing strategies. I am a consumer and a user, and my purpose here is to talk about products that have worked for me while resisting the urge to buy the newest product just because everybody is buying it.