Review: Physician’s Formula Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick

Am I possibly the worst blogger ever for 1) reviewing a set that’s out of stock (although the products themselves are permanent) and 2) a liquid lip formula, which seems to be falling out of favor in the beauty community already.

But hear me out.

The Physician’s Formula Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipsticks are fantastic liquid lipsticks that come in neutral and natural shades, aren’t nearly as drying as other liquid lipstick formulas, and are super affordable.

I believe they came out sometime this year or late last year, and there are 13 permanent shades. The set includes all 13 shades in mini sizes (2.3 mL each) and the set also includes a limited edition holographic lipgloss that appears to be full size. The set retails for $15, though it appears to be sold out everywhere (again, bad beauty blogger here), and each full size retails for $7.95, though like all drugstore products, the price will vary depending on where you shop.

On average,the formula on these is very very good. It seemed like liquid lips were EVERYWHERE from 2015-2017, though they seem to be dying out now. I generally enjoy a good liquid lip, though I have always preferred traditional bullet lipsticks, and I only have a few formulas of liquid lipsticks that I like. Stila makes my favorite liquid lipsticks, although the YSL Matte Tatouage, Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet, Chanel Rouge Allure Ink, and Smashbox liquid lipsticks are also very good. For the drugstore, I have always liked the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick – which I started using back in 2010ish, by the way. They were way ahead of the game! – But I haven’t really found another drugstore formula, until now.

The formula on these feel almost like a cross between a standard liquidy liquid lipstick and a mousse. They have a light airy texture that’s drier than say, the Stila liquid lipsticks, which actually means that the feeling once they dry down doesn’t feel like your lips have shriveled up. The slight moussy texture helps make the whole dry down process feel more comfortable.

The full-sized tubes are more rectangular, but I like the simple and sleek packaging. I love silver details (I don’t like gold packaging or accents….how very unmillenial of me), so I love the silver caps. The applicator is also a tear-shaped doe foot applicator that has become more common these days, and I find that it’s really easy to apply to the contour of my lips. They have a faint floral vanilla scent. It’s not overpowering or obvious, so I don’t mind it all.

The lasting power on these is also pretty good, though not as long as the more liquidy formulas I just mentioned above. I find that they last 5-6 hours for me, even through drinking water, coffee, and eating light meals or snacks. They also aren’t nearly as drying as other liquid lipsticks can be. They’re fairly comfortable, and while my lips don’t feel parched, I do still find myself wanting a lip balm or gloss after a few hours.

The shades include:

  • Bare With Me is a neutral rose mauve. It’s a great MLBB shade.
  • All-Natural Nude is a nude beige pink
  • Tu-Lip Treatment is a bright tulip coral pink
  • Dose of Rose is a cool mauve shade
  • Berry Healthy is a midtone berry shade
  • Coral Minerals is muted coral pink with a touch of beige
  • Nut-tritious is a brownish cinnamon red shade
  • Magentle Formula is a cool magenta pink
  • Red-storative Effects is a deep brick red
  • Fight Free Red-icals a classic blue-toned red
  • Vitamin Beet is bright purple plum
  • Raisin’ Immunity is a deep cool toned purple with gray undertones
  • Noir-ishing Plum is a deep purple plum

Most of the shades also applied smoothly and evenly, with the exception of the two darkest shades, Raisin’ Immunity and Noir-ishing Plum. Those two shades applied a bit more patchy and I had to go over them a couple times to make them look even.

I generally really enjoy wearing these, and I find that all these shades work really well into what I wear on a day-to-day basis.

Onto some swatches. Somehow, I messed up the order of shades in my arm swatches, but I’ve labeled the shades so hopefully they aren’t too confusing.

L-R: Bare With Me, All-Natural Nude, Coral Minerals, Nut-tritious, Tu-Lip Treatment, Dose of Rose, Berry Healthy
L-R: Red-storative Effects, Magentle Formula, Fight Free Red-icals, Vitamin Beet,
Raisin’ Immunity, Noir-ishing Plum

And lip swatches:

Overall, I think that these are a solid liquid lipstick that wears comfortably, with a wearable but decent shade selections, and is also affordable and widely available at drugstores. They aren’t the most budgeproof long wearing liquid lipsticks, but they are much more comfortable for day to day wear. I like them most for the shade range, as I was surprised by how many of these shades would fit into my daily makeup and were flattering on me.

Final Rating:

Packaging: 8/10

Shades: 10/10

Formula: 7/10

Value: 9/10

Have you tried this formula yet? Are you still liking the liquid lipstick formula?

As always, thanks for reading!


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