Review and Swatches: Manasi 7 All Over Colours

I’m back today with another review, and today I’m talking about the Manasi 7 All Over Colours.

I first saw this brand on Instagram and was instantly attracted to the minimal packaging, the white pots, and the beautiful shades inside the pots. I also noticed how gorgeous their outer packaging was, and how unique their marketing is. Their website is also beautifully constructed, if slightly unfriendly for users…but I’m not here to critique their technology today.

Manasi 7 is a brand from Sweden focused on sustainable beauty. The 7 comes from their 7 core values, explained on their website: slow, select, pure, natural, simple, symbiotic, and contemporary. The TLDR version of all 7 of these values are they source sustainable ingredients and packaging with high performance products that have ingredients that are also ethically and sustainably sourced. There are many “natural” ingredients free from pesticides, GMOs, and many of their products (but not all) are vegan. Much of the line is also multifunctional with a diverse range of shades to work for many different uses.

It’s’ easy to see all 7 of these values reflected in their products, which I will talk about in more detail below.

While I don’t specialize in clean/natural/green beauty, I have been trying more and more products that fall under those umbrellas and finding things I like about each brand without falling too much for their claims and marketing. With Manasi 7,  the sustainability commitment is my favorite part of the brand. According to their website, all of their ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced, and all their packaging, from the outer packaging to the jars are meant to be reusable.The jars themselves also feel very heavy and luxe even though they are plastic. I love this thoughtfulness in their design, and though I am by no means and ingredients sleuth, I feel good knowing that the products are ethical and sustainable. The brand consists of mostly cream products, though there are a couple loose powders, and a mascara.

Today is all about these All Over Colours, which are multi-use cream pigments to be used on eyes, face, and lips. They are $57 for 1.7oz/5g which is a pretty hefty price tag for such a small amount of product, but I was able to purchase them when they went on sale at Nordstrom earlier this spring. I wanted to see what the hype was about. They are available at the Manasi 7 website, Goop, and Beautyhabit.

There are 8 shades that range from neutrals to earth tones, to bright shades for all kinds of uses for eyes, lips, and face.The shades that I have are:

  • Kobicha – a plummy brown that also works for eyes, lips, and cheeks..and even as a contour
  • Chamoisee – a pinkish beige that works for eyes, lips, and cheeks
  • Sanguinello – a bright coral shade that I like best on cheeks and lips

The consistency of these is a dense cream that has a slightly tacky feel while you’re blending, but it sets down into more of a stain. They look like very densely pigmented products, but they can be applied sheerly, or built up to be much more pigmented. I use them most often as a blush and they last all day on me once they set down as lip products, I use them most as a blotted lip product, but they are a little drying for my lips unless I wear them with lip balm. I didn’t think I would like these as eyeshadows, but they actually work surprisingly well. I like applying them all over my eyes for a one shadow look.

Chamoisee works as a neutral base, Kobicha for a more defined smoky look, and Sanguinello is a beautiful coral base for a brighter look. If I use them on their own, they have a nice glossy effect, though that means they crease pretty quickly. Curiously enough, once I set them with powder eyeshadow, they actually last all day on me with no issues. Because the creams are so dense, I don’t end up using a lot of product at once so I feel like these pots will last me a very long time.

Compared to other cream blushes I own, these have a more dewy finish for the first few minutes before they set into a more semi-matte finish, then a stain type finish a little later. My other favorite cream blushes at the moment are the Kjaer Weis cream blushes, which are a more traditional true cream formula that also sets into a stain after  few minutes. The Lilah B lip and cheeks are also very densely pigmented but they have a much drier texture that leave more of a matte finish.

Here are some swatches:

Kobicha, Chamoisee, Sanguinello

And applied on my face. For each shade I applied them on my eyes, lips, and cheeks so you can get an idea of how they work for different applications.

I also created a look that incorporated all 3 shades in various ways:

Here I used Kobicha and Chamoisee as a base on my eyelid underneath the Colourpop Main Squeeze Palette. I used Sanguinello on the cheeks, and Chamoisee dabbed lightly on my lips.

All in all I think these are really fantastic all in one products. Although I use them most for blush, I think these are beautiful on the eyes. I’m not entirely convinced I would buy them for $58, but I do think that the sustainability of the entire brand plus the formula makes them more worth the price.

Have you tried of the Manasi 7 products? And do you care about how sustainability factors into the ingredients and packaging of your products? Let me know below!

As always, thanks for reading.

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