MAC Starring You Face Compact and Opalescent Powder: Review and Swatches

Halloween is over, which means it’s time for holiday season right? At least in my head it is, because I already have my eye on all the holiday collections. 

MAC has always done a holiday collection for as long as I can remember, and while I’ve stopped keeping track of all of their collections, I was so drawn into this year’s products – especially the face and cheek products. The eye and lip products were less interesting to me this year, but the duochrome shifts in the face products? Sold. 

I picked up the Star Dipped Face Compact in Medium-Deep ($42.50) and the Opalescent Face Powder in Shooting Star ($36) from Ulta.

First, the packaging – as always with MAC”s holiday collection – is full of glitter and glam. The face compact palette comes in a glittery cloth packaging that feels nice and high quality to the touch. The opalescent powder comes in the standard plastic compact with glitter embossed in the packaging. It’s beautiful and like a subtle layer of mini confetti. 

The Star Dipped Face Compact has a variety of their Extra Dimension products, which are shimmer baked gelee products. I have a couple of blushes in this formula and love the glow they provide, so I was excited about the palettes. I liked the medium-deep quad because it includes a neutral blush rather than the pink. I find I’m favoring the neutral blush look recently, plus this palette has a stunning duochrome shade I couldn’t resist. This palette includes: 

  • Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh Darling – metallic gold)
  • Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Snowflushed – metallic bronze with pink shift
  • Extra Dimension Blush in Cloudy Copper – metalliic champagne pink
  • Extra Dimension Bronzer in Delphic – coppery bronze w/ gold sparkles

Unless I were in a rare mood to want an ultra shimmery look, I probably wouldn’t wear all 4 shades at once, but I do love wearing individual shades on their own. If you haven’t tried the Extra Dimension products, the baked gelee textures on them are a dream to work with. They are a bit stiffer, so they work best with a stiffer or natural hair brush, but once you start buffing them into your skin, they blend into the glowiest finish. I have never had a problem with the lasting power of the extra dimension powders, and these are no exception. 

Although this palette is in the shade “medium-deep” I think it would make a gorgeous bronzing palette for lighter skin as well. I’m glad that I picked up this palette and can’t wait to use all the shades to warm up my face in the winter! 

The Opalescent Face Powder really caught my eye because of its beautiful subtle pink sheen. I was worried it would be a little too intense and white on my skin, but it really is a subtle face powder. It’s nowhere near as intense as the powders in the face palette. It makes for a surprisingly wearable subtle highlighter that gives you a hint of a pink glow. 

If you want a really blinding intense highlighter, you’ll have to layer this a little bit, but for me, I know I’ll be able to get a lot more use out of this finish. 

I believe that this powder is online only (at least according to Ulta).

Here are swatches of both products: 

Face Compact on the left, opalescent powder on the right

Both of these products are beautiful, and well worth checking out if you’re looking for something glowy. I think that unfortunately, MAC has fallen under the radar recently –  at least in some of the blogs and Instagram accounts I follow – but I still think they regularly release fantastic products. 

If you’ve tried these products already, I’d love to know what you think of them! If not, I hope I’ve helped you make a decision on whether or not to try them! 

As always, thanks for reading. 

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