Jill Stuart Brilliant Bloom Collection: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: This collection was gifted by Jill Stuart Beauty. All opinions are my own and I was not directed or paid to talk about any of the products.

Jill Stuart is one of those brands that I always ogled in my early days of wearing makeup but never really had the access, or franky, the budget for. I was entranced by the intricate packaging with the Swarovski crystals, which I was very into at the time.

Thanks to the generosity of the team at Jill Stuart Beauty, I am finally trying her makeup products. I’ve used a few things from her main line before, and today I have the whole Brilliant Bloom collection, which has gorgeous pink floral inspirations.

The line includes:

The packaging on all of Jill Stuart’s products is stunning, as usual. I love the silver and crystal design. It’s just a little too girly for me, but I appreciate all the details that go into the packaging.

The line is available on the Jill Stuart Website.

Bloom Mix Blush Compact ($38 for .15oz/4.5g)

The new five-toned blush compacts are meant to blended together to create a softly glowing shade as blush. There are six different shades, and they range from having a lighter highlighter feel to deeper blush shades. The packaging on these blushes is especially extra in a beautiful way. Each one comes with its own Swarovski crystal that you can attach to the compact. I didn’t attach mine because it made it more finicky to store, but it’s a pretty little detail!

The formula includes rosemary extract, olive oil squalene, and lavender oil that is supposed to help the product melt into the skin. These definitely have a very soft texture that give more a soft look, although all of the shades can become quite pigmented depending on how much of the deeper shades you pick up with your brush. I like to use a natural hair brush that isn’t quite as dense for these since I find it helps blend all the shades together. I like the soft focus finish that these blushes have on my skin, and they really seem to blend into my skin really nicely. I find that these like about 8 hours before I notice fading, and the deeper shades last longer on my skin. These have a light floral scent that I don’t notice too much, but I have a particularly bad sense of smell, so if you’re sensitive to scents, I would try to test them in person. All of the shades except for Brilliant Bloom are permanent.

The shades include:

  • 01 Blooming Tulip – warm rose
  • 02 Baby Lilac – cool fuchsia pink
  • 03 Mellow Daisy – warm pink with slight peach tones
  • 04 Lacy Rose – mauve rose
  • 05 Spicy Dahlia – brownish mauve
  • 06 Brilliant Bloom (limited edition) – light shimmery pink

Swatches of each shade – each shade in the compact separate, then mixed together

The collection also includes a retractable blush brush ($18) that feels super pretty and luxurious. I actually don’t love it for applying these brushes, because it feels a little too stiff and dense to really blend the blushes well. However, it does work well for applying and blending stiffer powder products or even cream blushes.m

Eternal Couture Eyes Quad ($48 for .21oz/6g )

The eyeshadows are where Jill Stuart really shines, in my opinion. The formula is soft and smooth and I like the color stories. These eyeshadows are definitely more of a Japanese style formula, meaning that they’re softer and shearer, and the glitter shades are nearly translucent with just a soft wash of delicate glitter. These are not eyeshadows to wear if you like really pigmented and dramatic look. The effect is super soft and almost like a soft watercolor painting. That said, I am impressed with how the shades apply and blend. 

There are two different formulas: shimmer and velvet. I have the shimmer quad in 06 Tulip Ballade, which is limited edition for this collection, and has a shimmery white, shimmery pink, shimmer/glitter peachy gold, and shimmery plum. The velvet quad is 05 Dahlia Cafe au Lait, which has a lightly shimmery pinkish white, shimmery rosy champagne, medium toned pink, and matte plum. The deep shade in this quad is actually pretty intense, and it is a soft matte. If you don’t love the look of shimmers, the velvet quads will be better suited for you. 

I don’t have any issues with application or lasting power with these quads. They last through my entire day without fading. 


06 Tulip Ballade and 05 Dahlia Cafe au Lait

Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara ($25 for 7.5 g)

The two mascaras in this collection are both colored mascaras: 01 Gentle Daisy, a dark pink shade, and 02 Lady Lilac. These are both tubing mascaras, meaning they form little tubes around your lashes that don’t budge until you wash them off with warm water. Tubing mascaras don’t usually work for me, since they don’t do much to actually hold a curl for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by these. It did really lift my lashes, and though it doesn’t hold a curl as well as waterproof mascaras, it is much better than any other tubing mascara I’ve tried. I find this mascara gives me pretty impressive volume and length, and it really does stay smudge free until I take it off at night. 

The only thing that keeps me from wearing this all the time is that neither of the shades are super wearable for me. The shades are pigmented, which is a great thing, but it’s hard for me to pull off a pink or lilac mascara in my daily look. I like my lashes to be super dark to actually have some contrast against the rest of my lid, and these colorful shades are more of a statement shade. Both shades are beautiful for a different kind of look than what I normally go for. It doesnt look like they have this formula in a black shade, but they do have another black waterproof mascara that I have high hopes for.

Lip Blossom Brilliant Bloom ($24 for .13oz/3.8 g)

I’ve used the lip products from Jill Stuart before and have been very impressed, so I was excited to see more shades. These lipsticks have a sheer glossy formula that can be layered for more medium intensity. I love how moisturizing these lipsticks are, and they feel good throughout the couple of hours of wear I get from each application. 

The packaging on these lipsticks is also so extra in the best way. In addition to the Swarovski crystal on top of the bullet, there is also a tiny little mirror on the top of the cap. It’s too tiny to really do too much, but it works in a pinch when I need to reapply my lipstick. 

There are three shades in the collection:

  • 01 Rose Waltz – deep rose
  • 02 Happy Lilac – sheer fuchsia pink
  • 03 Dreamy Tulip – shimmery iridescent pink


01 Rose Waltz, 02 Happy Lilac, 03 Dreamy Tulip

I also compared the three lip colors to some products I already own: 

Rose Waltz, MAC Gem of Roses (limited edition), YSL Volupte Shine in Oil Lipstick in #43, Happy Lilac, YSL Tint in Balm #9, Dreamy Tulip, Dior Rising Star, Pat McGrath Pink Astral 

After using a combination of these products for a couple weeks, I am loving the floral inspired shades. It’s a great spring collection with plenty of pinks and peaches. The more that I try Jill Stuart products, the more I am impressed with all of the products. The price range is somewhere between mid end and high end, and the high performing formulas with the beautiful packaging ensure that the brand isn’t just all style. 

Have you tried Jill Stuart Beauty before?

As always, thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Jill Stuart Brilliant Bloom Collection: Review and Swatches

  1. Have you any updates on this brand?

    I tried finding those pretty lip colors you switched but did not locate. There are a ton more colors.

    I am wanting to purchase something but unsure of what is a must.
    Those eye quads are no longer available, I guess. But I love washes of color (like water colors) much more than high pigmented eye shadows. I used to use Calvin Klein Color Wash, they were my favorite. Of course that was many years ago.

    Can you recommend sheer wash eye shadows, blushes and those soft pink lip hues elsewhere? Or more within Jill Stuart collection 2022?

    If so I will listen.
    Thank You


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