Chantacaille Hummingbird Collection: Review and Swatches

Chantecaille is one of those brands that doesn’t fall into the trap of releasing too many limited edition collections or releasing such limited stock that it becomes a crazy hunt to find products. The brand releases a few limited collections per year, and they are all wonderfully cohesive and edited, and each of them is based on a philanthropic cause for the environment.

In my head, Chantecaille has always been a luxurious brand that focuses on very natural makeup. I remember their tinted moisturizer and gel blushes being a cult favorite in Youtube, way back in the day. At that time, I was in high school/college and I was NOT about that minimal natural look. I wanted color, color, color! And to be fair, I am still like that sometimes, but these days I mostly wear natural makeup with a bit of something exciting. And especially in recent years, Chantecaille has been very very good at releasing natural makeup with a bit of something exciting. 

Last year, their Africa’s Vanishing Species collection sent me in a frenzy as I ogled over the gorgeous shimmers and museum-worthy packaging. It was this collection that had me falling head over heels with the brand again. Since that launch last year, I’ve been loving all the products they’ve released.

This year’s spring collection features the Amazon Rainforest and Hummingbirds, and the stunning packaging on all the products had me swooning already. The real reason I wanted products from this collection is much more sentimental – hummingbirds were my mom’s absolute favorite animals, and we always had multiple hummingbird feeders (and decorations) around my house growing up. This collection undoubtedly reminds me of her, and I know that Chantecaille will reliably have products that are substance and style. 

Although I was definitely tempted to buy everything in the collection, I chose the products I really wanted – the powder, warm eyeshadow quad, and one of the lip chics. 

The products are available on the Chantecaille website, as well as most department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Saks.

Perfect Blur Finishing Powder ($80 for 8g/.28 oz)

This powder wasn’t originally on my list when I first read about the collection, but Michele from themichelewang on Youtube gave a glowing review of the powder, saying it felt invisible with a slight blurring effect, and I was sold. Although it looks like a beige powder, it is completely translucent on my skin. Though it’s a possibility that packing really thick layers of this on someone with very fair or deep skin could make the tint more obvious, I don’t think anyone would need to apply this heavily to ever notice a tint. It has an impressive ability to not look powdery or cakey, even when I tried to swatch several heavy layers on my arm, and it really delivers on being weightless. 

The texture is almost like one of those gel-powder products. It is a very densely packed powder that doesn’t have any powderiness to it at all, and I think it applies best with a dense powder brush rather than a loose fluffy one. When I apply it to my face, I can’t even tell that I’ve applied powder except that my skin looks much more blurred and perfected, and the shine on my t-zone is diminished. This isn’t quite a mattifying powder, as I still see some natural radiance, but my skin really just looks like skin. 

That said, I am pretty impressed with how well this keeps my face looking matte. On a particularly warm day while I was testing this powder, I was sitting outside in the sun (with SPF!), and this powder kept my face matte for a good 6 hours before I started noticing some dewiness coming through. For my oily skin, that’s pretty impressive! Even as I noticed my natural oils starting to come through, the powder didn’t settle into any lines or start to react weirdly with my foundation underneath.

Was it unnecessary to spend nearly $80 on a powder, even if I got it on sale? Probably. But again, the combination of the stunning packaging with the hummingbird design and the beautiful texture of the powder makes this a worthy splurge for me. 

Hummingbird Eye Quartet ($72 for 2g/.07 oz)

These quads in the collection were what I really had my eye on. There are 2 quads in cool and warm tones, and I gravitated towards the warm quad. Again, the compact has a beautiful hummingbird print. The warm quad has a shimmery peach, a matte tan shade, a shimmery silver-gunmetal shade, and a gold with a slight pink duochrome. I was a little bit thrown off by the silver-gunmetal among the warm shades originally, but I find that it pairs really well, especially as a liner as suggested, or even as a lid shade with the tan blended into the crease.

Unsurprisingly, the shadows in this quad have great formulas. The mattes are smooth and pigmented, while the shimmers are also rich and smooth without giving me any fall out. The shimmery shades appear to be chunky, which usually means I would apply them with my fingers, but I found that this formula worked really well with a brush. The best way I can describe this is sophisticated without being boring, which is very in line with the brand in general. 

Lip Chic ($48 for 2.5g/.09oz)

Proceeds from the Lip Chics benefit the Amazon Conservation Team to help preserve hummingbird habitats and support indigenous populations in the Amazon. I looked into the type of work the organization does, and they seem to do really valuable work in real partnership with indigenous communities. My full time job is adjacent to the philanthropic world, and I am often skeptical about brands doing large philanthropic initiatives, since the organizations are often white-led, and not necessarily accountable to the local communities they claim to help. Although I didn’t do a deep investigation of the organization, a search through their website and the web showed me that they seem to advocate for indigenous communities, which definitely makes me feel better about purchasing from this collection.

Information hunting aside, Chantecaille’s Lip Chics seem to be universally loved for their moisturizing formula, and I never splurged on one until now. I bought the shade Honeysuckle, which is a sheer dusty rose shade that is about as close to a my-lips-but-better shade on me as you can get. Since they are a sheer glossy lipstick, they aren’t the most long lasting lipstick. The color and shine lasts just a couple hours on me, but what’s most impressive is that the moisture lasts long after the lipstick is gone. I definitely see why this lipstick formula is so well loved, although I still think that $48 is quite a splurge. 

L-R: Warm Eye Quartet, Honeysuckle Lip Chic, and Perfect Blur Finishing powder (barely visible) on the right side

In the photo below, I’ve applied the powder, all 4 shades of the quad – the tan in the crease, the peach on the lid, the duochrome shimmer in the center of the lid and inner corner, and the silver-gunmetal as liner. I’m also wearing Honeysuckle on my lips.

Overall, I am more than thrilled to have all these products in my collection. All of these products fit well into the type of look that I gravitate towards these days, and the quality of everything is absolutely fantastic. They are definitely all luxury products, but the museum worthy packaging, and the philanthropic aspect of the Lip Chics takes away the sting a little bit for me. 

If you’ve tried products from this collection, what are your thoughts? 

As always, thanks for reading!

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