Chantecaille Vibrant Ocean Collection: Review and Swatches

I’ve had the Chantecaille Oceans Collections for a couple months now, but with all the craziness of moving, I haven’t been able to get around to testing it until recently. Thankfully, summer is still going strong, and it looks like all the products are still in stock. 

Disclaimer: This collection was gifted by Chantecaille; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Chantecaille’s Vibrants Oceans collection is part of their annual collections to benefit the environment. They are partnering with WildAir, an NGO with the goal of ending consumption of endangered wildlife. I love the mission of the partnership, since further endangering wildlife poses huge threats to our global ecosystem. 

But given the recent uprisings for Black lives, along with my professional experience with philanthropy, I can’t talk about Chantecaille’s philanthropic endeavors without raising the fact that philanthropic missions, especially ones involving the environment, often have very good intentions (i.e. “saving the animals”), yet often overlook the people who are most impacted. And the vast majority of these organizations are often run by all – or majority white staff, who operate in foreign countries. The environmental movement is one of the most white-washed movements, while environmental justice organizations – focusing on the people who are most impacted by pollution due to environmental racism – do not get nearly enough attention.

The environmental movement also has a complicated history with white-supremecy, as recently reported by Washington Post. While I understand the importance of maintaining our earth’s biodiversity and ecosystem, it would be remiss of me to not connect how environmental issues are inextricably connected to environmental racism, and how nonprofits and philanthropy are often well-intentioned, yet contribute even more to environmental racism. While I could easily write a long-form article on this topic, I would encourage you all to start with the links I’ve provided and to do your own research on the history of the environmental movement, and how you can support and bring more attention to the importance of environmental justice. 

Obviously, environmental issues are part of Chantecaille’s mission, and I hope that the massive uprisings of the past few months has led to some self-examination. It is pretty easy to tell from a quick scan of their website that the brand is not very inclusive of deeper skintones. The foundation range ends at medium-deep, at best, and many of the blush and eyeshadow shades are best suited for people with fair-medium skintones. 

The brand appears to be genuine in its desire to be more inclusive, including diversifying who they choose to collaborate and send PR products to. I think any real change in increasing inclusivity and equity for the brand – as for all brands – will take some time to happen. However, I’ve noticed that they have started sending PR products to a more diverse group of people, and have engaged in some honest conversations with Black influencers about their shortcomings. In addition to deeper shade ranges, I hope to see more visible changes in their staff, especially senior staff, who can guide the brand’s strategic decisions to be more inclusive. I also hope that future partnerships with NGO’s will also include Black-led organizations, or other organizations led by Indigenous people, or people of color. 

This is all a very long way to say that I will be watching the brand very closely in coming months to look for changes and a shift in tone and direction. 

Okay. Deep breath. 

Let’s move on to the actual collection. 

The collection, like all of Chantecaille’s special collection, is undeniably beautiful – from the packaging to the products inside. The deep blue packaging on the cheek compacts have gorgeous visuals, and the tinted lip balms are a beautiful reflective blue. 

The Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duos are $84 each for 6g/.21 oz, and come with a blush and highlighter. There are 2 shades: Coral Manta Ray and Rose Whale Shark.

Coral Manta Ray has a bright red-coral blush and the highlighter is a golden champagne. 

Rose Whale Shark has a vivid cool pink blush with a pale gold highlight. 

These palettes have a soft and smooth gel-powder texture that feels ultra silky. These powders are pigmented and very easy to blend out while looking absolutely seamless on my face. I find that these wear all day – at least 8 hours – without fading or getting splotchy on my face. The blushes don’t have any type of shimmer or sheen, but they aren’t flat. They have a satin finish that looks very natural on the skin, and they are super buildable. I can use a light hand for a barely-there wash, or build them up to be an intense flush. 

The highlighters are the best of gel-powders. They’re soft and pigmented, but not powdery. They give a wet finish on the skin that blends into the skin rather than sitting on top of it, and they can also be built up to a more intense finish.

I think these blushes could work on a wide range of skin tones. I was really skeptical of the the Rose Whale Shark shade, since cool pink shades sometimes look chalky on my skin, but it actually was a really beautiful flush. I do think it has the potential to look more chalky on very deep skin. However, the coral shade is vibrant and deep enough that it would be more versatile, from very pale to deep skin. 


L: Rose Whale Shark, R: Coral Manta Ray

In this photo, I’m wearing Coral Manta Ray in the left photo, and Rose Whale Shark on the right. It’s hard to capture the intensity of these in photos, but I built up a few layers and it was quite pigmented in real life.

Next are the Lip Tint Hydrating Balms are $34 for 1g/.03 oz. It comes in 4 shades: 

  • Beach Rose, a pinky rose
  • Calendula, a bright orange-coral
  • Madeira, a blue red
  • Verbena, a sheer plum with a hint of shimmer
L-R: Beach Rose, Calendula, Madeira, Verbena

These balms are sheer, but build up to noticeable color after 3-4 swipes. They give me just enough tint for a tinted balm that makes my lips look juicy and healthy. Again, I was surprised by the pigmentation of these, and how easy they were to build up without feeling like I was piling on product. 

The texture and formula is also near perfect. It’s light and has some slip, but it doesn’t feel oily or greasy. The balm isn’t so soft that I feel like it’s melting in the tube or onto my lips (a common issue I have with the Fresh balms), but it’s not quite as thick as the Dior Lip Glows. I feel these on my lips for maybe 1-2 hours, depending on how much water I drink or food I eat, but my lips feel moisturized for far longer than that. I don’t feel like I have to keep applying the product for my lips to feel moisturized. These are definitely luxury lip balms – as are all of Chantecaille products, but the pigmentation and formula are absolutely top notch, and I like these way more than I thought I would. 

From left to right: Beach Rose, Calendula, Madeira, Verbena

Chantecaille excels at their limited edition collections. They’re always edited, unique, and very high quality. They’re a pleasure to use, and bring joy to my morning routine. My favorite and most used products are the Coral Manta Ray duo, and the Beach Rose Lip Tint – but really, I get a lot of wear out of all the products in this collection. This makes me want to root for them even more to be more accessible for more people with a diverse shade range. I’m certainly going to be watching the brand over the next few months and year to see what progress they make. 

If you’ve tried this collection, what do you think? And what do you think of brands trying to delve into philanthropic efforts? 

As always, thanks for reading. 

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