Hermès Rose Silky Blush and Lip Enhancer Review

Hermès Beauty is the epitome of luxury makeup for me, and the few lip products I’ve tried from them have been fantastic, from the exquisite packaging to the formulas. The brand has just released blushes, and while I wasn’t anticipating that I would be so interested in them, I couldn’t stop thinking about them when I saw swatches. 

I don’t really care for luxury fashion like clothing, shoes, or bags, but I am very much a beauty lover. Which is to say, the fact that I wanted these blushes so much has less to do with the fact that it’s from Hermès  the brand, and more to do with the fact that these blushes look beautiful.

As a birthday treat to myself, I picked up one shade of the blush, as well as one of the new lip enhancers. 

The Silky Blush comes in 8 shades, and each blush is available as a refill pan. The blush retails for $77 for .21oz/6 grams with the compact, or $48 for just the refill. The blush comes packaged in the classic orange Hermès box, though there is no canvas bag like there is with the lip products. I bought mine from Bergdorf Goodman, and they’re also available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdales.

At that price point, these blushes are very much on the high end of makeup prices so I’ll say right off the bat that nobody needs to spend nearly $80 on a blush (or $70 on a tinted lip balm). As I’ll talk about in this review, the formula is really good, but there are also fantastic blush formulas for a fraction of the price. This appealed to the makeup collector in me, and it very much felt like a special birthday purchase. 

The compact itself is a heavy plastic with the gold Hermès logo on top of the compact with a gold rim. The pan inside is set slightly off center from the compact, which is just a really nice little detail. The pan itself is just glued into the pan, which is slightly disappointing considering it is supposed to be refillable. It would have made much more sense to have magnetic pans and compacts, and that is one negative aspect of the compact I wasn’t expecting, given the $77 price tag. 

I’ve seen some negative reviews based on the plastic compact of the blushes feeling cheap, though I didn’t particularly feel that way. I do feel the compact could have had more luxe aspects for the price tag, like the metal Kjaer Weis compacts, but it doesn’t turn me off from purchasing more.  The blush compact does feel lighter than the lipsticks, but the quality and feel of the plastic itself doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic. So basically, I don’t feel like this is probably worth the $77 price tag based on the packaging alone, though I don’t regret spending that much on it.

The blush itself is a really lovely formula. All of the shades have a satin-matte finish, and that’s how I would describe these. The shade I bought is Rose Blush, which is a pinky coral shade. The coral tone of this blush really makes it a special shade, as it looks like there’s a glow even though there’s no shimmer. The formula itself is extremely silky with buildable pigmentation. It starts off as a sheer wash, and can be easily layered to a bright shade with full pigmentation. These apply really evenly without any patchiness, and they blend effortlessly as well.

One of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers, Sandra of ttsandra, compared this formula to the old Burberry blushes, and I think that comparison is spot on. It has a very similar feel, though of course, the Burberry blushes are near impossible to get now, and they were also much cheaper at $44.

The lasting power of these are also really great for me. I don’t notice any fading until about the 8 hours mark, which is typical for more blush formulas on my combination skin.

I do notice a slight floral scent on these, though it isn’t overpowering. It’s not something I noticed as soon as I open the compact, and I smell it when I really sniff the powder. However, I have a pretty weak sense of smell, so use this with caution if you are sensitive to fragrance. 

Here are swatches of the blush:

Top to bottom: Hermès Rose Blush, Cover FX Pink Dahlia,

I only have 2 similar shades in my collection: Cover Fx Pink Dahlia and MAC Melba. Pink Dahlia has more pink to it, while Melba is slightly more coral. They are very similar when swatched but I find that the Hermès shade just has a luminscence to it because of the coral shade.

Moving on to the Lip Enhancers, which were another purchase influenced by Sandra. These are a very lightly tinted lip balm with a semi-matte finish. They have a very balm like finish and feel as opposed to a really soft glossy balm or a harder waxy balm, though I find it really comfortable to apply on my lips. I bought the shade Rosy Tan, which is like a muted rose shade with a hint of beige. I don’t notice any scent with this one. 


I really like using this as an on the go sheer lip balm with a tint, and the beautiful packaging is a nice incentive to take this with me on the go and feel like I’m really treating myself throughout the day. 

The formula on these isn’t especially groundbreaking – its a tinted lip balm at the end of the day, and wont give more than a couple hours of tint and moisture, but this is something I know I will get a lot of use out of. And again, for a birthday present to myself, I’m really enjoying this. 

Top: Lip Enhancer in Rosy Tan,

I do think that the packaging of the Hermès lip products are really where you get more of your money’s worth, since the packaging feels more luxe. It has a heavier feel, as there are more metal elements in the tube. The tube also comesin a canvas pouch as well as the signature orange box.

As you can tell from the review, I definitely don’t consider these “must have” products. They are great products in terms of performance, and provide a really nice application experience, but nothing here is super innovative or groundbreaking – and that not really what I’m expecting from Hermès. I expect something classic, which is what I think of these products. If you love trying new makeup products, or love luxury beauty, these are great products to try.

The blush formula is really lovely and I definitely want at least one more shade (I’m eyeing Rose Tan), and the lip enhancer in Rose Tan is more of just a really nice treat yourself product. 

If you’ve tried these, what do you think of them?

As always, thanks for reading.

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