July Empties 2018


Hello everyone! I’m back today with some empties from the past month. It just seemed to be one of those months where I ran out of everything at once. Anyone else have the same thing happen too?

Without waxing on too much, let’s dive in – starting with skincare.



Starting with sheet masks and gels, I’ve been trying to do this “self-care” thing with masking more often. I often forget to take that break and just sit down with a sheet mask for a few minutes. I used up two: the Tony Moly Green Tea Mask and the Verso Deep Hydration Mask. I really did like both but don’t see a huge difference between them.
Might repurchase.

I also used up a Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gel, my favorite eye patches to revive tired and puffy eyes.
Already repurchased.


The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is my HG cleansing oil because it takes off all my makeup so effortlessly and rinses off so cleanly. I have a couple other cleansing oils to use up, but I will definitely repurchase these.
Will repurchase.

I also used up the Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum, which I really liked for some gentle brightening. I was a little disappointed with the effects of this at first, but after finishing the whole bottle, I’m noticing that my skin seemed to do really well in the months that I used this. I still think I prefer a strong Vitamin C serum, though.
Might repurchase.

I finally tried the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid after years of hearing about it, and my skin has totally changed. My pores looks smaller and clearer, which makes all the difference with how much base I apply. I’ve already repurchased two full sized tubes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
Already repurchased.

Another beloved product is the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Serum. This is so pricey, but I love it for the summer. It feels like nothing on the skin yet it hydrates so well. This paired with their C-Firma serum actually helps keep me more matte throughout the day! However, because I only use this in the summer, I usually only buy the minis.
Already repurchased another mini.

I received the Uma Eye Oil in a GWP awhile back, and have been using this very very sparingly because this stuff is EXPENSIVE. I can’t say I totally see the necessity of an eye oil, but this did feel very luxurious when my eye area was feeling dry. I don’t think I would repurchase this because of how pricey it is though.
Would not repurchase.

Finally, I finally finished my last sample of the Origins GinZing Eye Cream. I genuinely enjoy this eye cream and might repurchase this at some point, but right now I’m loving the Cerave eye cream.
Might Repurchase.

Since I only had one hair care item, I threw it into the same photo as my skincare.

I go through hair care SO slowly, so this 1oz Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment actually took me about a year to finish. I’ve been using hair oils more frequently to keep it from being overly frizzy, but they’re not a necessity for me. I have so many other hair oils from various GWP and other samples, so I won’t repurchase this one.
Would not repurchase.



The first product is a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge that I adore for liquid foundations. This one was just getting too old and the stains weren’t coming out anymore, but I already have another one in rotation.
Already repurchased.

The Fresh Rose Primer is one that I found randomly at TJ Maxx, and was such an amazing mattifying primer….but has also been discontinued for awhile.
Discontinued…but would repurchase if I could.

I’m sadly throwing out the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Corrector because it started going bad on me, but I’ve already repurchased it because it’s my favorite undereye corrector.
Already repurchased.

An eyeshadow! An actual eyeshadow! This was the ancient Jane Cosmetics Eye Zing in Rock Star that has looong been discontinued. This actually broke and shattered, but I had a huge pan in it already.

I also was really happy to finish another lipstick this month. I used to LOVE the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks – which also had a relatively short life until they were discontinued. I used the shade Peach a lot at work, though it wasn’t my favorite shade from the line because it had a slight shimmer that emphasized my lip lines. I actually still have a few shades that I’m still working through.
Discontinued, but would not repurchase this particular shade.

I have two mascaras from July. The Blinc Tubing Mascara is a good concept, but doesn’t hold the curl on my lashes at all. I loved that it was easy to remove with warm water, but I was honestly just using this on my no makeup days to use this up.
Would not repurchase.

A mascara that I LOVED was the Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara. This mascara layered over a lengthening waterproof mascara gave me huge false-lash-like lashes.The only downside is that it’s quite a dry formula, so I wish I could just buy mini travel tubes instead of full-size tubes. It seems like they only make the minis for GWP and I think the full size tubes would dry out long before the tube was actually empty.
Would repurchase.



Finally, I used up a few samples of fragrances. The first is Gucci Bamboo, which I actually liked. It was light and fresh, but I didn’t love it enough to buy a full size.
Would not repurchase.

The Versace Bright Crystal was also a nice floral and sweet fragrance, but not totally my vibe. I felt very “meh” about this one as it just isn’t quite me.
Would not repurchase.

The Penhaligon London Levantium perfume is the strongest scent I’ve ever used. Half a spritz would stay on my skin for the entire day, which was actually quite unfortunate because it’s a really heady and heavy scent that gave me a headache. It wasn’t a terrible scent, but it was so strong that I could barely even use it as a room spray. Plus, the vial had somehow leaked, so by the time I got it with whichever online order I made, it was only a quarter full. Still, this took my months to finish because I could only stand the tiniest dab of it at once.
Would not repurchase.

And that’s it for July! I also have quite a few skincare products that are just about to be finished, so expect another big post for August!

What did you finish this month? Anything you’ve been working on for awhile?

As always, thanks for reading!


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