Review: Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses and Glazen Eye Palette



Today, I bring you not one, but TWO reviews from Butter London. The two products kind of go hand in hand so it made sense to review them together.

It’s always interesting to me how certain brands and products will get SO much hype and recognition, while other brands will make similar, and sometimes superior, products that people seem to know barely anything about. I’m well aware that much of this comes down to marketing, and who can most quickly get in on Instagram trends, though I won’t pretend to really understand how it all works.

With the comeback of glitter, uber-shimmery lids, and cream shadows, it seems like every brand has released their own versions of glittery cream shadows or toppers. Tarte has done it. Stila. Natasha Denona. Hourglass. Tom Ford. The list goes on.

One particular version of stunning and unique super shimmer cream(ish) eyeshadows are the Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses. I rarely see people talking about these, yet they are some of the most beautiful cream-gel hybrid eyeshadows I’ve used. 

I admit, I’m not a huge fan of all of Butter London’s products. Their packaging doesn’t always jive with me, and most of the products don’t seem that unique. But these are different, for reasons I’ll get into. For the first time, I find myself stalking their products online to see if there are new shades of the eye glosses being released, because in an industry where everyone copies each other, Butter London has managed to create something different.

Boring logistics first – they retail for $24 but often go on sale at Ulta and Butter London’s own website. There are 3.5g/.19oz in each pot.

Moving on. Let’s try to nail down the texture a little bit more.


These aren’t quite cream eyeshadows, or liquid shadows, or even really mousse shadows. They’re more like jelly shadows. Imagine the texture of jelly, but slightly more mushable, and you have imagined the texture of these shadows. It’s slightly disorienting at first, but actually feels really cool on your eyes.

They are also pretty loaded with shimmer, but not in a gritty super saturated way like the Stila shadows. It feels like a smooth gel (or jelly), and the effect is really just a wet look that actually dries down and stays put, even on my oily lids.

The only thing that worries me about these is because they’re so jelly-like, I worry about them drying out really quickly. I have had one for almost 6 months now and it is doing just fine, but I have read reviews where this seems to dry out in a year. They are also in plastic packaging, with a plastic insert to seal the shadow under the lid. I think glass packaging would help keep the texture from drying it, so I’m not completely happy with the packaging. Time will only tell, but I just have to keep in mind that these will not last as long as traditional cream shadows.

As far as lasting power on my eyes, they last all day when paired with a primer. I pair everything with a primer because I have crazy oily eyelids, but I can wear this over top without setting with a powder shadows, and they don’t crease at all for me! Because some of these shades have such a gorgeous finish (especially oil slick, oh my god), these can truly be a one and done shadow for me.

Now, onto what we’re all here for….swatches.

I have four shades of the eye glosses:

  • Moonshine is a platinum taupe with multi-colored glitter. The type of cool bronze shade I love to wear.
  • Icing is a pinky mauve with multi-colored glitter.
  • Frosted is a pinky gold with multi-colored glitter.
  • Oil Slick is a shimmery brown with an intense blue glitter. It’s duochrome and so so stunning, kind of like MAC Club but 10x more intense.

Here are some swatches:

Top-Bottom: Moonshine, Icing, Frosted, Oil Slick

I tried so hard to get the duochrome on Oil Slick to show up and just couldn’t quite make it happen. Instead, I bring you a shoddy swatch photo from an older Instagram stories post:

Oil Slick in the light vs. how it looks normally.

Yes, those are both the SAME shade.

Oil Slick is my favorite shade, but for an everyday neutral shade, I really love Moonshine.

Final rating? Texture/proneness to drying aside, I really love them.

Final Rating:

Packaging: 7/10

Shades: 9/10

Formula: 9/10


Next up is the Butter London Glazen Shimmering Eye Palette. It’s a gorgeous all shimmer palette that has more subtle – subtle as in only shimmers, not glitter – shades. Curiously enough, I don’t see this on the Butter London website anymore, but it is still available on Ulta for $36 for a total of 10.5g of products (1.5 g each.) It’s a compact palette at 3×6 inches, but for the gorgeous finish, I say it’s worth it.


All the shades feel buttery, smooth, and they apply ultra pigmented. Since these are all shimmers, I apply them as lid toppers or to accompany any matte transition/crease/highlight shades that I use. To be fair, I wouldn’t use this palette everyday because of that. I like my palettes to be all inclusive of everything I need, but given that it was fully meant to be all shimmers, I can’t really fault the marketing. I definitely see myself getting use out of many of these shades since I do like a shimmery lid and a shimmery inner corner.

I was hoping that some of the shades would have the amazing duochrome that Oil Slick had, but that isn’t the case.

Shades included are:

  • Stargaze is a light yellow gold.
  • Moonbeam is a silver with slight taupe undertones.
  • Copper is a light pinky gold.
  • Splendor is a taupe with some gold in it, kind of similar to the Moonshine eye gloss.
  • Smoky Quartz is a shimmery charcoal shade with silver glitter.
  • Rose Gold is a very aptly named rose gold.
  • Satin Bronze is a dark warm toned grey.


Top to Bottom: Stargaze, Moonbeam, Copper, Splendor, Smoky Quartz, Rose Gold, Satin Bronze

Gorgeous, right? I can’t wait to incorporate this into more looks!

Final Rating:

Packaging: 9/10

Shades: 7/10

Formula: 9/10

Have you tried any of these products?

As always, thanks for reading.

One thought on “Review: Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses and Glazen Eye Palette

  1. Good to know BL makes good eyeshadows! Actually, my all-time favorite classic red polish is from Butter London (Come To Bed Red, I have a few backups). I wasn’t impressed with their matching lippies and didn’t look further on the other makeup offerings. I should look into them. Love the depths of the shimmer and colors!


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