April 2019 Empties

So you know how I didn’t have many empties last month? I certainly made up for it this month.

I’ll get right into it since there’s a lot to cover.


This was my biggest category of empties this month, and I’m glad to be clearing out some full-sized products.

Tatcha Pure Camellia Cleansing Oil is a very nice oil cleanser that took off all my foundation and waterproof mascara easily. I liked that it also rinsed off really nicely, without leaving a residue on my skin. However, it’s quite pricey for a full-size and I feel like my DHC Cleansing Oil is just as good, so I’m going to stick with that.
Would not repurchase.

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm is the first cleansing balm I’ve liked and that hasn’t left a film on my face. This melted into my skin just like an oil would. I generally still like the feeling of a liquid better, but I did have to purchase a balm – to travel with, for instance – it would probably be this one.
Might repurchase.

Garnier Clearly Brighter Argan Nut Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser was not my favorite cleanser. It had physical exfoliants in addition to some lactic acid and I don’t love the feeling of physical exfoliators. It did lather up pretty well and it wasn’t too harsh on my skin, but I ultimately used this up as a body cleanser.
Would not repurchase.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence was my first “snail” product and I absolutely loved it. I was skeptical that it would be as good as everyone hyped it up to be, but this essence was so soothing and hydrating to my skin while being super light. I enjoyed using this every day and this lasted me almost a year of daily use! I’ve bought the CosRx version just because it was easier to find but I would repurchase this one again.
Would repurchase.

CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid was not my favorite BHA. I love my Paula’s Choice BHA toner so much that this just doesn’t really compare, and I did not think this was nearly as effective. It would probably be better suited for somewhere with more sensitive skin.
Would not repurchase.

Patchology Clean AF Cleansing Facial Wipes were way too harsh for my skin, unfortunately. It left me eyes irritated, and I just don’t really see the point of using a cleansing wipe only for my face makeup if I have to go in with something else just for my eyes. I used this to wipe off swatches.
Would not repurchase.

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel was just ok. I noticed some brightening but peels are really just not my thing. This was just a tiny mini and I only used it a couple times, but it ended up expiring.
Would not repurchase.

Zym Skin Nourish Facial Serum was a really interesting kombucha serum with Vitamin C. The whole idea is that probiotics can help improve skin condition, and would be more effective paired with Vitamin C. I thought this was a really nice serum, although it definitely smelled like a fermented product – a little vinegary, kind of like a apple cider vinegar. It was definitely brightening though I suspect it would probably be harsh for people with sensitive skin but it was fine for me. I may repurchase this at some point but I have other Vitamin C serums to go through right now.
Might repurchase.

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate is a stellar eye cream if you’re looking for something moisturizing. It’s supposed to reduce puffiness and dark circles, too, which I saw only slight results from. I liked this most for being nourishing and moisturizing.
Would repurchase a full size.


Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer is one of those classic silicone primers that feels very slippery. It did make my makeup look really nice over top, and controlled my oil a little bit, but I think prolonged use of these silicone-heavy primers clogs my pores. I noticed more frequent breakouts when I used this primer.
Would not repurchase.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer was another slicone based primer, though I feel like this one was less clog-prone and controlled my oil a bit better than the Japanesque one. Still, I’d rather stay away from these super silicone-y primers.
Would not repurchase.

Cover FX Cover Drops just expired on me. I had it for about 2 years and the messy packaging made me not want to use it, even though the idea of pigment drops is a good idea for me. The packaging didn’t really close right and it leaked a lot, so I think that the product may have dried out that way. I typically mix other foundations I already have so I don’t really feel a need to get a separate product for this anymore.
Would not repurchase at the moment.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder –  I didn’t finish this and I’m not getting rid of it, but I wanted to show that I hit pan!!!! I hit pan on the Dim Light powder (left) and I am so excited about it. I’ve been using this powder for an embarrassingly long time, though not consistently until this past year. Although the powders seem small, they last forever! Next, I’m going to try to pan Radiant Light (the right shade).
Would Repurchase.

Maybelline Falsies Push Up Angel Waterproof Mascara is a stellar ll-in-one mascara that defines, lengthens, and volumizes. This mascara would be almost completely perfect for me, BUT I like to layer mascaras for maximum drama, and this mascara did so much on its own that it was hard to add additional mascara on sometimes. I would definitely repurchase though.
Would repurchase.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Volume Mascara was just a very average mascara for me. It added extra length, and a little bit of extra volume, but it wasn’t dramatic enough for me.
Would not repurchase.

MAC The Faerie Glen Lipstick was a limited edition lipstick from…..a long time ago. It was one of the few true nudes that worked on my skin, and I loved layering it under more pigmented glosses. I’m sad to see this go but also glad to be finishing an older item in my collection.
Can’t repurchase.

Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Captivating Carnation I just finished one of these a few months ago. They are also discontinued, but I love the cushy, yet still not sticky formula of these. They remind me a lot of the new Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipsticks, actually. I have one shade from this line left to use up and then they’ll all be gone.
Can’t repurchase.


Oribe Gold Dust Dry Shampoo was disappointing. I have loved everything I’ve tried from Oribe, but this didn’t work that well for me. It mostly does its job of being a dry shampoo, but it didn’t absorb grease or oil as well as my other dry shampoos.
Would not repurchase.

Not Your Mother’s Deja Vu Do Style Extender is discontinued, I think? I can’t find it anywhere. It does exactly what it’s meant to do – it extends how long my hair lasts between washes. I use it after I wash my hair and my hair definitely feels fresher on the 2nd or 3rd day compared to when I don’t use this. I’ve bought the Living Proof Style Extender to replace this, which does the same thing as far as I can tell.
Would repurchase.

Balenciaga Florabotanica is a lovely floral fragrance. I received so many compliments when I wore this and although I’m more than well-stocked on perfumes, I would love to own a full-size version of this some day. It has notes of Carnation, Turkish Rose, Vetiver, and White Amber, which make up such a beautiful and unique scent.
Would repurchase.

Issey Miyake Pure Perfume was also another winner. It’s fresh and lightly floral, which makes it a great everyday scent. It has notes of Lily of the Valley, orange blossom, Turkish Rose (again!) and jasmine. I would also love to own a full-size of this.
Would repurchase.

Tocca Stella – three winners in a row! This was another fresh floral that I couldn’t get enough of. If any of you remember the American Girl fragrance at Bath and Body Works — it was my first perfume in middle school, yet still a very sophisticated scent — this smells EXACTLY like that. I was absolutely THRILLED when I discovered how similar they are. It has notes of freesia, lily, and orchid, but it feels very light.
Will repurchase.  

I’d say this was a pretty impressive set of empties! What did you use up this past month? Do you see anything here you like?

As always, thanks for reading.

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