Sephora sale recommendations – spring 2023

The Sephora semi-annual sale is back this week and I have another round of recommendations from products I’ve tried in the past 6 months.  This year’s sales dates are: VIB Rouge - 20% discount, April 14-April 24 VIB - 15% discount, April 18-April 24 Insider - 10% off, April 18-April 24 I say this with … Continue reading Sephora sale recommendations – spring 2023

Sephora Fall 2022 Sale Recommendations

The Sephora sale is back on this week, and I’ve put together recommendations for new products and products I’ve tried in the last year for you.  The sale dates are as follow: VIB ROUGE - 20%: 10/28-11/7VIB - 15%: 11/1-11/7INSIDER - 10%: 11/3-11/7 I’ve mentioned this many times, but I’ll say it again - while … Continue reading Sephora Fall 2022 Sale Recommendations

May and June 2020 Empties

 It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. And if I’m honest, it’s been really difficult to prioritize, or even be interested in beauty these days. Between coronavirus and the uprisings against police brutality and Black lives matter, plus a big move that I’m still in the middle of, it’s been difficult to focus on makeup.  … Continue reading May and June 2020 Empties

Project Pan, aka products you’ll be seeing a lot of in my routine

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been caught up in this year’s sales. There have been so many releases that just sucked me in. I am testing so many new products I can barely keep track of them. As I’m trying to make room for some of these new products, I realized I … Continue reading Project Pan, aka products you’ll be seeing a lot of in my routine