The Fall Lip Rotation

Fall is finally upon us, and with changing seasons I always feel the need to completely change up my makeup. While not everyone may feel the need to change their makeup with the seasons, my skin tone changes so much from season to season that completely different colors look flattering on me. Even though the weather may not be fully cooperating yet (we’re still in the 80 degree range…) I am feeling all the warm rusty shades and deep browns, and my lipstick choices are reflecting that. 

Since I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect rusty red lipstick, I thought I would show you some of the options I’ve picked up as well as some other options I’ve been wearing lately. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Intense 128 Rose Nocturne ($38.00)

Rose Nocturne is a new shade of the Velvet Intense formula that’s part of the fall/winter collection, and it’s a full coverage matte lipstick in a brownish rose shade. I like this formula because it’s intense and long lasting without being super drying. This is a shade I wear when I want to look polished but still want something neutral. It’s a good shade for work or a shade for dinner when you don’t want to fuss around with a red lipstick.

Kjaer Weis Lipstick in Believe ($56 for the lipstick case and bullet, $36 for just the lipstick)

I was hesistant to try Kjaer Weis lipsticks for a long time because I thought there was no way a lipstick formula could be special enough to be worth $56, but like most Kjaer Weis products, this really impressed me. It has a drier harder formula that can be built up from a blotted stained look to full coverage. It can be slightly drying on me, but it’s not noticeable enough that it bothers me. This shade is also like a brownish neutral shade that I can wear with anything.

Christian Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick in 843 Ultra Crave ($37)

I bought this lipstick during last year’s Sephora VIB sale, wore it couple times, and unfortunately forgot about it until over the summer.However I’ve been reaching for it constantly in the past month or so. It’s brownish plum shade that gives a bit more oomph than the Chanel Rose Nocturne. I also love the formula – it is kind of a gel cream formula that applies super smoothly, then sets down to a long wearing finish.

Kosas Cosmetics Lipstick in Fringe ($28)

Kosas Cosmetics definitely makes one of my favorite lipstick formulas with their creamy formula that set into a subtle stain. Fringe is one of my favorite reds, and this one has a deeper brick red hue that is a no brainer for fall and winter.

Lina Choo The Great Artist Velvet Matte Lipstick in Da Vinci ($32)

Lina Choo lipsticks appeared on Beautylish awhile ago and I’ve been curious about them since then. I had heard great things about the formulas and all of the shades looked simply gorgeous. When I saw Da Vinci, a rich rusty red, I was already sold. The formula is just as stunning as the shade. It has a super rich and creamy formula that is opaque, but feels super lightweight. It feels like almost nothing on the lips but the pigment looks even and full. I’m already eyeing other shades of this to try.

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment in Slow Ride ($26)

I have been hearing raves about the Powermatte formula for years and finally got around to trying it. The formula really wowed me and I wish I had just tried it sooner! It is a liquid lipstick, but it’s unlike the formulas you’d think of. It’s more watery and feels like nothing on the lips, even once it dries down. I forget that I’m wearing this, and it doesn’t feel drying at all. I find it similar to the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet formula, but this formula feels a little more opaque..or it could just be the shade that I have. Slow Ride is a chestnut brown that basically fulfils my neutral dreams. It’s deeper than a nude but still feels like a neutral that goes with everything. 

3ina The Intense Matte Lipstick in 318 (~$15 USD)

I bought this lipstick on a whim in Taiwan although it’s actually a European brand, and then promptly wore it nearly everyday. It’s a matte shade and it almost reminds me a little bit of the Kjaer Weis formula. It’s a bit of a harder and drier formula as well, but also not drying. I don’t think this formula is quite as long lasting, but I still immensely enjoy it. This shade is more of a brown toned nude. 

Kjaer Weis Lipgloss in Fascination $38)

Like the lipsticks, the Kjaer Weis lipgloss formula also impressed me. It’s not like a regular lip gloss. It has a thick plushy formula that feels nourishing and not sticky at all, and sets down into a balmier feel. It has pretty good staying power, and I can wear this for a couple hours without needing to reapply. Fascination is a raspberry pink with some subtle shimmer that gives my lips just a bit of a pinkish tint to brighten up my face.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Birken Brown 

I’ve been wanting to get Birken Brown for awhile now, and now that fall is officially here, I couldn’t resist anymore. The shade is basically a deep brownish red and it feels like the perfect vampy fall shade. This is in the Matte Revolution formula, which are a comfortable matte formula for me.

MAC Cosmetics Powder Matte Lipstick in Impulsive

I love the powdery lightweight feel of the MAC Powder Matte lipsticks, though Impulsive was not my first choice of shades until I saw it worn on a couple of people. Swatched it’s kind of like this mid-tone brown that does not seem like it would work on the lips at all but on the lips it just looks like a gorgeous deep nude. I have no idea how that works but it does. I would definitely give this a try even if it doesn’t catch your eye at first.

Ilia Color Haze Pigment in Sing

I’ve already sung my praises about this here, but I will continue wearing this mauve pigment on my lips AND cheek throughout fall. This pigment sets down into a long wearing stain, and still somehow manages to feel nourishing. It’s really impressive.

Hourglass Unreal Lipgloss in Strike ($30)

I’ve been wearing Strike all summer and it transitions perfectly into fall. It’s another one of those brownish nudes I seem to be gravitating towards and the moisturizing formula paired with the medium coverage pigment makes it easy to reach for when I want a little gloss. 

PYT Beauty Strike Twice Lip Duo in Rumor ($18)

These little lip duos have been really handy for when I want to travel light.The lipstick is light and creamy while still having a pretty good wear time, and the lip gloss is also super hydrating. The shade Rumor is my fall pick as it’s a brownish plum shade that goes well with all the warm earthy tones of the season. 

Here are swatches of all the products:

Here are comparison swatches of all the lip products mentioned except for Rumor, since I had actually misplaced it the day I was taking all of these swatches so I had to swatch it separately.

L-R: Chanel Rose Nocturne, Kjaer Weis Believe, Dior Ultra Crave, Kjaer Weis Fascination, Kosas Cosmetics Fringe, Lina Choo Da Vinci Red, Nars Slow Ride, 3ina 418, Charlotte Tilbury Birkin Brown, MAC Impulsive, Ilia Sing, Hourglass Strike

This may seem like a lot of lip products but there’s definitely one in here to match the kind of tone that you’re looking for, plus I just can’t seem to quit the lip products so I’ll always be indecisive. 

If you have a lip product you love to wear in the fall, I’d love to know what it is!

As always, thanks for reading.

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