Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick Review


The Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Lipsticks are the definition of luxury. Housed in a slim weapon-like tube that seems more like an accessory than a lipstick are tiny little tubes of rich lipstick.

When these lipsticks came out last year, I was immediately drawn in by the packaging. As someone who LOVES minimal and edgy packaging, these lipsticks already had my heart before I even tried them. Sadly, at $34 a tube for .03oz/.9g of product, these are probably the most expensive lipsticks per gram on the market. The amount you get is almost laughable, but as you’ll see later, that ended up not being a huge problem for me at all.


More on the packaging – I’m sure you’ve all seen how this are indeed a very sexy lipstick. They’re not just a typical bullet. They’re like the old cigarette holders that you always see in old movies. They are also sturdy and much heavier than what they seem like they would weight. I feel glamorous just holding one, and I don’t have the side effects of risking lung cancer. Another plus for the packaging is that the lipsticks are refillable. You can pop out the inner tube and fill it with a refill, and that is a great advantage for me so I don’t have 10 sharpish pointed lipsticks lying around my apartment or purse. The refills are $22 a piece, so it feels slightly more affordable.


The best way to try these lipsticks though, is in sets. Last year, I bought the limited edition trio that came with one lipstick holder and 3 refills. Though the shades are limited edition, I think there are probably dupes within the permanent line, but I haven’t tested them out. This year, I bought the refillable duo from the holiday collection, that came with one very beautiful lilac holder, 1 permanent shade (At Night), and 1 limited edition shade.

The formula on these is described as creamy, saturated, and long-wearing with a satin finish, and that is exactly spot on.

What surprised me about these lipsticks is that they are opaque in one swipe, but don’t have a heavy formula like the Pat McGrath lipsticks do, for example. They feel very creamy, but not so creamy that they slip around at all. I actually find them pretty long-lasting – about 5-6 hours, which I think is pretty good for a traditional lipstick bullet. They also don’t feel drying on my lips. They’re not necessarily moisturizing, but I don’t feel like I need to wear a lip balm under this. True to their description, they all have a satin finish.

I detect a very very faint vanilla scent, but I really have to sniff the bullet to smell it.

The shade range of these lipsticks is pretty much a dream for me. There are plenty of neutral, mauve, rosy, and deep red lipsticks, which are all shades that I gravitate towards. I think anyone could find a neutral shade that suits them, and the reds and plums are classic. I don’t feel overwhelmed looking at the shades, but I feel like I could pick any one and it would work.

The shades included in this year’s holiday duo are:

  • At Night (permanent) – deep brick red
  • My One Desire – midtone mauve

The shades from last year’s set (all limited edition)

  • My One Desire – rose pink
  • True Love Means – light neutral pink
  • You Are Mydeep rose neutral

Just by looking at swatches from Hourglass, My One Desire looks similar to If Only. True Love Means looks similar to My Favorite, and You Are My looks kind of similar to My Icon Is.

In direct sunlight. L-R: My One Desire, At Night, You Are My, True Love Means, My One Desire.


Indirect light. L-R: My One Desire, At Night, You Are My, True Love Means, My One Desire.

All in all, I really love these lipsticks. They are definitely a luxury item for me, and not necessarily an every day lipstick, but I love the feeling I get when I apply these. It feels like more of an experience rather than a lipstick I throw in my bag for on the go. For that reason, I wouldn’t call these a necessity, and I wouldn’t tell you to run out and buy all of them right now. But, I would highly recommend them if you are looking to treat yourself to something unique and truly beautiful, or if you have a special occasion.

Final Rating:

Packaging: 10/10

Shades: 9/10

Formula: 9/10

Value: 4/10


Do you have any of these lipsticks yet? Will you get any of them? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick Review

  1. This is a helpful review. As an #instanewbie it is hard for me to imagineb spending $1000s of dollars for a full shelfie of skincare and dozens of makeup options. Your review shows poise and a healthy skepticism for high priced options that is greatly appreciated.


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