Rituel de Fille: Brand Overview and Swatches

I’ve had this review of Rituel de Fille products coming for awhile, but I’m finally coming around to it now. 

If you aren’t familiar with them, Rituel de Fille is an independent makeup brand founded by 3 sisters with the most beautiful witchy vibes. All of their products are made with the fewest possible ingredients and all of their products have wonderfully complex finishes. I love that all the raw materials for their products are sourced ethically. This combined with the unique shades and formulas make it one of the most interesting brands I’ve ever used. 

I absolutely love the vibe and the celestial theme behind all of the products. I always said if I were to create shades and finishes, it would be the shades that Rituel de Fille has. All of the shimmer products are so much more complex and multi-dimensional than any of the swatches or photos make them seem. 

I’ve acquired quite a few products from the line since I discovered them about 3 years ago and their occasional new releases every time. I’ll be talking about the: 

Ash and Ember Eye Soots 

The Ash and Ember Eye Soots are a cream-powder hybrid, and they truly feel like one. These pigments can be used as a subtle wash or built up to be super pigmented. This is really one of the most interesting products I’ve ever used since they contain pure pigments and oils, but no wax, which supposedly makes it more crease resistant. Because of the formula, there’s definitely a learning curve to using these. They are a very hard packed formula that needs a very dense brush or fingers, and they also need to be built up in layers rather than applied as one thick layer. They don’t apply like any cream or powder shadows I know, but once you get the trick to applying them, they have a beautiful finish.

As for lasting power, I definitely need to wear an eyeshadow primer under these otherwise they still crease within a couple hours, despite the wax-less formula. If I really want these to last all day, I usually layer a powder eyeshadow on top, too. If you have less oily eyelids, you might not need to layer so many products. I wouldn’t exactly call these an easy one and done shadow that I always reach for, but I do really enjoy the look they can achieve. I also love how the packaging looks with the little jars, though it does make it more difficult to apply these with my fingers without digging into the product with my nails.

I have 4 shades:

  • Sigil – a neutral rose champagne
  • Love Spell – a metallic copper
  • Golden Age – a deep smoky bronze
  • Half Light – a smoky taupe with plum undertones
L-R: Sigil, Love Spell, Golden Age, Half Light

Inner Glow Creme Pigment

The Inner Glow Creme Pigments are buildable and intense multi-use cream pigments. However, I like to use them as blush. They have a drier cream texture that need a bit of warming up with your fingers, but after that, I find them very blendable and easy to use. I like to tap this on my cheeks with my fingers then blend out from there. The only downside is that I don’t find them to be super long lasting on my skin – though to be fair, there are very few cream blushes that do. I find that this fades within 3-4 hours unless I layer a powder blush on top of it. For that reason, I only have this in one shade, Delirium, which is a bright warm red with some orange undertones. Not that these have a light lavender scent to them from the lavender extract, which I absolutely love – but if you’re sensitive to scents, I’d test these out first. And while I love the black compact of this, the hinge on these is somewhat delicate. I’ve broken one of my compacts at the hinge and I’m not really using any force when I open them.

Rare Light Creme Luminizer

These cream highlighters all have some type of iridescent finish. I find that these have a softer texture than the Inner Glow Creme Pigments, though they do apply more smoothly when they’re warmed up just a little bit. They are also buildable so you can get the most subtle natural glow to a much more intense highlight. I was also told that you can apply a drop of a face serum to make these even more intense, and I love it for when I want a really unique glow. I think these are the star products of the Rituel de Fille line, especially because of the shade range. Every single shade is unique and complex, and I find that these last really well on my cheeks as well. I can get a good 7ish hours of wear before they really fade away. I have the shades:

  • Lunaris – a sheer white base with a blue-purple shift
  • Solaris – a sheer white base with an intense pink shift
  • Anthelion – a light gold with a pink and orange shift (any my most used shade)
  • Spectre – a cool icey silvery pink tint (Black Friday gift with purchase exclusive)
  • Moon Pillar – an icy pink with a lavender shift
  • Icebow -a silvery lavender shade with slightly deeper tones than Moon Pillar

I absolutely love every single one of these shades and despite the slightly unconventional shades, I find them all wearable in my daily makeup routine. These also have the slight lavender scent that the Inner Glow Creme Pigments have.

L-R: Lunaris, Solaris, Anethlion, Spectre, Moon Pillar, Icebow

Metamorphic Highlighter 

These are a newer product for me, but the Metamorphic Highlighters are more intense and creamy highlighters with an intense wet shine. They have an absolutely gorgeous wet effect on the cheeks (or anywhere you apply them) and they create a beautiful shimmering effect. I have the shade The Siren, which is a light gold with multidimensional shimmer. I find the lasting power of these to be excellent and on par with the Rare Light Creme Luminizers.

The Siren (second from right) and Delirium
The Siren

Enchanted Lip Sheer and Forbidden Lipsticks

The brand only has two dedicated lip formulas, the Enchanted Lip Sheer and the Forbidden Lipstick. The lip sheers are exactly what they say they are – buildable sheer lipsticks that have a more moisturizing formula. They aren’t quite a balm texture, but they have a softer and more moisturizing formula. I have this in the shade Swarm, a deep red. With this shade in this particular, I find that this isn’t a super sheer lipstick, but they have pretty decent coverage that can be built up to full coverage quickly. They also have pretty decent wear for a moisturizing lipstick. I find that that it lasts about 3 hours, and it doesn’t feel drying. Since this is one of the deeper shades, the lighter shades might fade more quickly.

The Forbidden Lipstick is the fuller coverage formula, which I have in the shade Oracle, a warm mid-tone nude. You can definitely tell that this is a drier formula, but I don’t feel that it is drying, and it doesn’t skip on my lips. The satin finish actually helps keep these lipsticks comfortable for the 3ish hours that they last. Both lip formulas are unscented to me.

Oracle and Swarm

If you haven’t tried Rituel de Fille before, I highly recommend trying out some of their products. I find the whole brand to be vastly underrated. They are creating interesting and beautiful products that I don’t really see in this over-saturated industry. The Rare Light Creme Luminizers are my favorite products from the line, though I also highly recommend the Metamorphic Highlighters and the Ash and Ember Eye Soots. The Inner Glow Creme Pigment and lip products are nice, but nothing that stand out spectacularly to me unless you’re looking for more unique shades.

If you’ve tried any RDF products, I’d love to know your thoughts! 

As always, thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Rituel de Fille: Brand Overview and Swatches

  1. This was such a great review!! I’ve bought so many of their products in a short time because of your glowing review!


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