Sephora Sale Haul

After compiling my big Sephora shopping guide, I definitely did some of my own shopping and picked up some products. I definitely had a list that I was working from that I talked about in the guide, though as always, I made some impulse purchases that caught my eye while I was shopping. 

Starting with makeup, I stuck mainly to what I had on my list, although the Natasha Denona mini palette in Zendo was an impulse buy I just had to have. The color combination is one of the more unique ones I’ve seen and they all work together really well into a coherent look. I’m really thrilled with this purchase as I definitely don’t need just another neutral palette. 

These next two picks were in my guide – first is the Dior Quint in New Look, one of the newly reformulated palettes. As expected, the textures and formulas of this palette are buttery soft, and I love the cool neutral color combinations. I will have a review up this and another palette I have from the new formulas up soon! 

As I thought, I also love the formula of the new YSL Slim Glow Matte formula as much as I love all their other lip formulas. I bought the shade 213 No Taboo Chili, a warm orangish nude. It has a slight hint of shimmer to it, adding the “glow” to the glow matte, but it’s by no means a shimmery lipstick. 

I also didn’t talk about the Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadow in Ray in my sale guide, but it’s been on my list for awhile. I’ve been a fan of this formula for a long time, however I will no longer be purchasing anything else from the brand. Over the past few months, I’ve been disappointed that they have done nothing to address comments about their lack of inclusivity, notably in their powders, blushes, and bronzers. And recently, they re-released their older cream blush palette that they had pulled from the market so they could make the formula completely vegan. However, the blush palette notably only came in one shade option that only suits light-medium skintones. It was light enough that even I could not make the “bronze” shade of the palette work for me except for when I was at my very fairest in the winter. In their re-release, they did not include any new shade options. It’s a shame, since they could have taken the opportunity to create new shades that were suitable for more people and they have chosen to only cater to light-medium skintones. In recent days there have been countless questions and comments to hold them accountable to be more inclusive, which they have ignored. For these reasons, I will no longer be supporting the brand.

Natasha Denona Zendo palette (top 5 shades), Hourglass Ray, YSL Glow Matte Lipstick in 213

This is actually a lighter makeup haul than usual for my Sephora sale buys, but I had lots of other products that I wanted to get! 

I was not expecting to buy this Sephora Favorites Holiday Perfume Set, but I saw some people on Instagram posting on it and really had to have it. As with many of their sets, you buy the set and it includes 13 fragrance samples, and you can redeem the sample you like the best for a full size bottle.

The value of this deal is that the set is $68, but one of the fragrances included is Tom Ford Ombre Leather, which retails for $134 – so you’re getting more than 50% off by buying this set and then redeeming the bottle. I tried this sample in store and knew automatically that I would want the fragrance.

It’s unisex leather fragrance with some spicy notes due to the cardamom. I love how it smells when I first spray it on myself, but find that I lose a lot of the leather notes after a several hours and the spicy notes become dominant. However, it lasts really well on my boyfriend without getting too spicy so he uses this now.

Another new launch that popped up after I made my guide is the Otherland candles. I’ve heard amazing things about these candles, and the Black Velvet Jasmine, which is part of their holiday line, sounds right up my alley. It has notes of Iris, Iris Woods, and Midnight Jasmine, making it an intoxicating floral scent perfect for the holiday season.

My last purchases were planned purchases: the Necessaire Sex Gel, which is a great lubricant,  and the Briogeo Castor Oil, which is my favorite castor oil to use on my eyelashes.

I’ve already started using everything and am thrilled with what I got. I tried to stick to a smaller purchase this year since I’ve already bought so much from other retailers this year as shopping therapy. There are always more sales and more new products so I’m glad I stuck to things I’ve already tried or products I really wanted to try. 

What did you buy this year if you participated in the sale? 

As always, thanks for reading.  

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