Armani Lip Power Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, hasn’t it? It’s been difficult to devote time to writing full length reviews with work and life being so busy, but I’m back now with a fantastic lip launch I couldn’t just keep to an Instagram post. 

Armani Beauty has consistently made some really great lip products, and they’ve just come out with their new Lip Power formula. This new line is meant to have a balm-like feel with strong pigmentation and long wear. In line with the rest of their lip products, each lipstick is $38 for 3g of product, and they are available now at the Armani Beauty website, as well as Sephora. There is also currently a 25% sale at Armani with the code EXCLUSIVE, so it’s a great time to try these products!

I was sent several of the shades to try, and I’ve been testing them out for the past week or so. The lipstick themselves come in an elongated bullet packaging that feels luxe while not being heavy. It is easy to carry around without feeling like I’m carrying a paperweight. The bullet itself is in a slight teardrop shape, which makes precise application a little easier. There is also no fragrance to these lipsticks at all, which I love.

The formula of these really do feel like a balm. They have a soft, cushiony texture that isn’t so soft that would melt or apply messily. With one swipe, I get light coverage, and 2-3 swipes gives you medium to opaque pigmentation. I love the buildable coverage, making it easier to adjust the intensity of my lip color for the day. The finish on my lips starts off slightly shiny at first, and then sets down after a few minutes into a more satin finish. I actually really like that this doesn’t have a glossy finish, like some other balmy lipsticks I’ve used from YSL or Pat McGrath. I adore the glossy look sometimes, but its also nice to have an option that feels like a balm but still has a more satin finish. 

When I apply this to my lips, I can immediately feel how moisturizing and nourishing the formula is, and it feels light on my lips. I wouldn’t say it feels completely weightless, but it doesn’t feel heavy at all, either. The formula glides on smoothly with no dragging or skipping, but its not such a sloppy formula that it smudges or bleeds outside my lip lines.

I’m also happy to report that the balm-like nourishment lasts through the entire wear time, as well. I can wear this for 3-4 hours without feeling like I need to add a gloss, or even reapply. On that mark, it really lives up to its long-wearing claim. Since this is a traditional lipstick with a satin finish, it won’t be budgeproof or transfer proof, and does start to fade after 5 hours or so. With brighter or deeper shades, I get a slight staining effect that lasts a little longer. Even with other balm like lipsticks I have, I only get about 2 hours of wear. 

After using these several times, I am really impressed with this formula. It’s difficult to combine true moisture and nourishment with consistent decent wear time throughout the day. These are easy to wear and I have neutral shades that I can reapply on the go, or deeper and brighter shades that make more of a statement.

The shade range has a lot of overlap with Armanis other lip formulas, so if you already have a favorite shade, you might be able to find a comparable shade in this formula, as well! 

Here are the shades I have:

  • 106 – neutral beige pink
  • 200 – grayish rose (which looks much better than it sounds!)
  • 201 – reddish brown
  • 202 – red-brown
  • 400 – cherry red
  • 403 – warm red
  • 404 – burgundy red
  • 405 – rusty red
  • 502 – cool pink
  • 504 – midtone mauve pink

I have all the shades swatched on my arm as well as on my lips. I’ve also included my Instagram reel where I’ve shown application of these shades. 

Top to bottom: Lip Maestro in 200 vs Lip Power in 200; Lip Maestro in 400 vs Lip Power in 400, Lip maestro in 405 vs Lip Power in 405

It’s hard to decide which shade is my favorite, since I see myself wearing all of these regularly. If I had to choose, 106, 202, and 205 are my top picks. It’s a testament to this formula that after swatching all 10 shades, my lips still felt more moisturized than before I started swatching.

I also compared shades from the Lip Maestro formula that I already own that overlap with the Lip Power shades. I have the Lip Maestro in shades 200, 400, and 405. You can see that the shades are the same, although the intensity of Lip Maestro is much higher, and it’s a more opaque, liquid formula vs the softer creamy formula of the Lip Powers.

I am overall very pleased with everything about this new line of lipsticks, from the packaging, application experience, and comfort on my lips. I think Armani has nailed it with creating a formula with qualities that normally wouldn’t work together – moisturizing, comfortable, with long-lasting pigment. 

Have you tried this new lip formula?

What do you think?

*Products were generously gifted by the brand.


4 thoughts on “Armani Lip Power Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

  1. Stumbled on your page from Googling Ilia’s Necessary Eyeshadow Palette. Glad I also found this review! I’ve been hunting for a new lip product, and it sounds like this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Also appreciated that you actually modeled each color rather than just a skin swatch. (Super helpful since we’re in the same shade range!) Thanks!


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